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A Few Things To Consider Before Getting A German Shepherd

by Samuel Sullivan

Have you been considering getting a dog? Are you searching for a large breed dog that is loyal, intelligent, and courageous that might offer some protection? If so, a German shepherd would be a great option. Before looking at German shepherd puppies for sale, however, there are a few things you should consider before getting this type of dog.


German Shepherds aren't content to lay around all day. This dog breed needs a way to expend all of its energy. Adult German shepherds should get at least 2 hours of exercise a day. If your German shepherd doesn't get enough exercise, they will become bored, which will cause them to destroy shoes, furniture, and anything else they can sink their teeth into.

To ensure your dog stays active, here are some things to do with your German shepherd:

  • Visit the dog park
  • Take a walk or run
  • Go on a hike
  • Go rollerblading or bicycling
  • Play fetch

You might also consider giving your German shepherd a job to do, such as working as a search and rescue dog over the weekend. Because German shepherds are so intelligent, they need mental stimulation as well. A great way to do this is to enroll your dog in an obedience course.

Proper Nutrition

German shepherds can get up to 80 pounds, with males usually getting larger than females. Due to their size and their activity levels, German shepherds need up to 2,100 calories a day. It's also important for this large dog breed to have a high protein diet. Getting enough protein will help them maintain their strength and muscular build. This dog breed needs whole sources of protein, such as beef, fish, and poultry, instead of animal by-products.  

Along with adequate amounts of protein, dog food should also contain healthy fats, such as fish oil, along with digestible carbohydrates and vegetables. All of these food sources will keep your German shepherd strong and healthy. Their coat and skin will also benefit greatly from proper nutrition.


If you're looking for German shepherd puppies for sale, you will soon realize how much they cost. Most people can expect to pay between $1000 and $2,000 for a German shepherd puppy. These dogs are expensive because there are many fees involved when it comes to breeding high-quality German shepherds.

Some of the costs breeders must pay include a stud fee, health screening, vet bills, food, and registration. While this may seem like a lot of money, having a German shepherd for a loyal companion is certainly worth it.

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