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How To Find Veterinary Internship Opportunities

by Samuel Sullivan

Internships allow prospective veterinarians to practice medicine and find out how everyday life as a veterinarian feels. Before you can start your first internship, you need to find an internship opportunity you can apply to. Internship opportunities are everywhere if you know how to look. Here are some ways you can find your own veterinary internship opportunities.

1. Visit farms in your area.

Farms with livestock require veterinary services regularly. Livestock veterinarians inoculate farm animals against common illnesses. They also assist sick or injured animals and help pregnant animals give birth. Livestock veterinary medicine is a field with a lot of job security. If you think you'd like to choose this career path, you may be able to find a veterinary internship opportunity by visiting farms in your area. Ask to speak with their vet and find out if they need help in exchange for teaching you about veterinary medicine.

2. Speak to the professors at veterinary programs at your local university.

Some students choose to take their first veterinary internship once they've already started studying veterinary medicine. Others get a head start by looking for internships while they're still in high school. No matter where you are on your educational path, you can benefit from seeking the expertise of veterinary professors. Many professors have a good idea where students can find internships in the field. Ask for advice, and you may be pointed in a helpful direction where you can pursue an internship.

3. Check job posting boards.

You can also learn about paying internships on job posting boards. These internships usually want applicants with at least some schooling. If you've completed part or all of a veterinary medicine degree, check job posting boards for veterinarians who are looking to hire interns as assistants. Most of these websites will list the minimum qualifications on their internship listings, so you won't have to waste your time applying to internships that aren't a good fit.

4. Look at specialty websites.

There are also websites specifically designed to connect students to internship providers. When you've exhausted all your local options, you may want to turn to one of these websites. You may be able to find opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise thought of. Veterinarians work in many different places. Your local pet store may even employ veterinarians to ensure the health of the animals they sell. One of them may be willing to take on an intern.