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Yorkshire Terriers And Your Family With Small Children

by Samuel Sullivan

When you are looking for a dog that fits in well with a family and small children, Yorkie puppies are a good place to start. This breed of dog has a high energy level but doesn't require excessive amounts of exercise to feel calm. It is a playful dog breed and one that works well when you don't need a guard dog but want a companion for your family instead. A modern Yorkshire Terrier will have a long coat and a smaller stature. They are great for hanging out with little kids or are also good for older couples looking for a pet to have around the home.

A Dog With a Beautiful Coat

One of the reasons the Yorkshire Terrier is so attractive as a dog breed is the beautiful coat they are famous for. While you can choose to have your dog's coat trimmed so that the hair is short, the hair can also be grown long. The hair flows and gives this breed of dog a unique look. The coat will need to be cared for, and this can be done with regular cleaning and brushing. Your Yorkshire Terrier can have a shiny coat with good care.

Playful Dogs That Love Games

Yorkshire Terriers don't need a ton of exercise because they stay busy throughout the day in the home. While your dog will need to be walked periodically for bathroom breaks, they mostly enjoy playing games with their family. Yorkshire Terriers are considered an intelligent breed of dog, and they will play all types of games when a person interacts with them. As a smaller breed, they don't always realize how small they are and might try to play with dogs much larger than they are.

A Family Dog With a Longer Life Span

As a smaller breed of dog, Yorkshire Terriers have a life span of 14-16 years. When you have small children, this is beneficial in that they aren't likely to lose their pet any time soon. When you search for Yorkie puppies for sale, you can expect that with good veterinarian care, your pet will be around for roughly 15 years.

When you are looking for a good family dog that is right for you and your children, a Yorkie puppy could be the answer. The breed is intelligent, loves to play, and needs to be brushed frequently, a task children often love.