The Wonderful World Of Pets

The Perks Of An Exotic Cat

by Samuel Sullivan

If you like the idea of having a cat that is unique and that is different in many ways from the domestic cats your friends own, then you may want to look into getting an exotic cat, such as a Savannah cat, a Maine coon, or a Bengal. There are a lot of exciting things to know about these breeds, and this article will shed some light on some of the fantastic things you can enjoy if you decide to bring an exotic cat into your family.

These cats can be large

Some people really like the idea of having a big cat. There's something fascinating about watching a very large cat walk through the house. The exotic breeds can sometimes be the size of a medium sized dog. If you would like a big cat, then you want to choose the right kitten. Generally, the male cats will end up being significantly larger than the females. Also, the parents can tell you a lot about how large the kitten will grow to become. Parents with a lineage closer to their wild ancestors will be larger, and if both parents are large in size, then there is a better chance the kitten will become large as well.

These cats can be high energy

While all cats can be frisky, an exotic cat will generally have a noticeable amount of more energy than your average house cat. It's a good idea to give them plenty of toys to play with and to cat-proof your home so they don't break things and get into trouble when they are literally bouncing off the walls. A high energy cat can be a lot of fun, especially if you have kids who will help it to burn that energy off.

These cats love the outdoors

When you have an exotic cat, you will find they love the outdoors, even more than most house cats. This is why most people who own exotics teach them to walk on a harness. If you get an exotic cat, then you will also want to enjoy the perks of a cat who loves to go on walks with you. You should even build an outside pen for them with a covered roof, so they can't escape. You can build the pen up against a window, so the cat can come and go in and out of the pen as it wishes. You can get creative with the pen and even put places for you to sit, so you can visit with the cat outside. You don't want to let an exotic cat be an outside cat or it can be easily stolen.

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