The Wonderful World Of Pets

How To Decide Which Puppy Breed To Buy

by Samuel Sullivan

Are you interested in buying a puppy? If so, you've got an important decision to make: which dog breed should I buy? There are a series of questions that you can ask yourself that will help you narrow down which dog breed is ideal for your family.


It's great to begin by deciding on the size of dog you'd like to have. All dogs are small and fun when they're puppies, but it's the grown-up version that you'll be living with. You need to decide now which size of dog you'd like. Ask yourself, do you want a small, medium or large dog? This will set the stage for which breed of puppy you should buy.


Next, it's time to think about the desired personality traits you'd like in a dog. Do you want a cuddly dog that doesn't require a high amount of exercise? Or would you prefer a high-energy, sporty dog? Perhaps you need a family-friendly dog? While every dog is going to have their own unique personality, the breed you select will lay the foundation for their personality. For example, a coton puppies for sale will grow up to become a sweet, cuddly dog. If you have a perspective dog breed in mind, research them specifically to help you understand their grown-up personalities.

Additionally, you should think about how you want to spend time with your dog. Are you looking for a jogging partner? Or do you want a cuddle buddy? Match your preference with the personality traits of the breed you're investigating. Do they match up? If not, it's time to go back to the drawing board and find a different breed.

Interpreting First Impressions

Now, when it comes time to pick the individual puppy, you should evaluate the entire litter as a group. Are the puppies running up to you and sniffing your hand? Or are they running away and barking? If they aren't receptive to you, it might be a risky litter and you should move on. If any of the puppies are tucking their tail when they meet you, that's a sign of shyness that will likely be there for their entire lives.

If the litter is friendly and curious about you, then you want to ask a few questions about the individual puppies. Which puppies are strong, outgoing and bossy? Which ones are quiet? Which one grabs all of the toys? An ideal puppy will not be the boss of the litter, but will also not be the lowest on the totem pole.