The Wonderful World Of Pets

Gone but Never Forgotten: Memorials for Your Beloved Dog

by Samuel Sullivan

Losing a beloved dog, or a pet of any kind, can be as traumatic as losing a human family member. Unfortunately, pets do not live as long as their human companions do. When the time comes and your furry family member crosses the rainbow bridge, here are a few ways to memorialize your pet and keep your dog's undying love alive.

Customized Book or Videos

Gather up photos of your dog and have family members write little stories about special times spent with it. Have them bound in a book to commemorate all the joy and love it brought to your life.  Although it might be hard to look through for a while, there will come a time when you are happy to have the memories in a physical form to hold and look at. If you have short videos of your pet, have them put together onto a DVD or even a flash drive and have everyone record a story or message about the times you spent together. These recordings can be edited into the videos.

Cremation Urns and Grave Markers

If you live in a place where you know you will not be for many years, having your dog cremated might be best for your family. Moving from a home where your pet lived can be difficult if you had it buried there. Cremation is an option that allows you to take your pet with you. Have a nice plaque and perhaps a picture of your pet put on the urn as a keepsake. If you are in your forever home, you can have the pet buried and put up a nice grave marker. This way you can still go sit and talk to your pet when you just need the friendship you shared.

Your dog was an important part of your family. It will take some time to get over the loss. As time passes, you will want something to look at, hold, and use to remember all the good times. Talk with your family about what they would like to do to memorialize your dog. There are many options you can choose from to keep his or her memory alive and to share with your next pet when you are ready for one. Talk with a company that specializes in memorials for the loss of a pet, such as Homer's Furry Manor, and together you will find just what you need to help ease the pain your family is going through.