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Tips On Dealing With A Health Emergency With Your Cat

by Samuel Sullivan

Discovering that your cat is injured and in pain can be traumatic and stressful – for both you and the cat. Knowing what to do and how to do it can ensure that you are able to get the cat safely to the vet for treatment. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Take it slow

Ignore any urge to scoop your cat up quickly and race out the door. First, a cat in pain may lash out, even if they are normally gentle. You may also make injuries worse. Instead, approach your cat slowly and talk soothingly. Gently try to assess the cat's injuries. Is there anything that appears broken? If so, you will need to move the cat carefully to avoid worsening the break. You can then wrap your cat in a towel or blanket so you can lift them without fear of scratching. Just be careful not to touch the injured area, since this can result in more pain or further injury.

Tip #2: Perform any necessary first aid

In some cases, you may need to perform some first aid before you can transport the cat. For example, if your cat is bleeding badly, you will need to stop the blood loss. You can do this by wrapping gauze tightly around the wound. Gauze that sticks to itself but not to fur is the best option. You may need to create a transport board if the cat has a broken bone, back or neck injury, or an unknown internal injury. A large baking pan works well, since you can slide it under the cat with minimal disturbance.

Tip #3: Cage for transport

A cat carrier is your best option if it is safe to transfer your cat into one. Carriers that have removable tops are easier to use, since you can carefully lay the cat inside and then place the lid back on. If a cat carrier isn't available, or if your cat's condition make it too difficult to use one, then lay the cat in a box, if possible. Cats in pain can act out in fear, making their injuries worse, so containing them somewhat during the drive and trip to the vet can help keep them safe.

Talk to your vet before an injury occurs about what you should know about cat first aid, along with any first aid items you should keep on hand. It's better to be prepared if an emergency does occur. Contact a company like Cats Only Veterinary Hospital for more information.